Cup of Friendship


A new ministry of UMW is  called Cup of Friendship meeting monthly on the THIRD TUESDAY at 1:15pm. The group has a short devotion at the church then go out in pairs to visit folks in the congregation who don’t get out much.  We take baskets with teapots, tea, cups  and goodies to share with as many people as we have visitors.  Bring whatever  you have to make up a nice basket to take.  Also, if  you know someone who would appreciate a visit please contact :   Carol Mead

Ladies and gentlemen, do you always have good intentions to go visit someone but just never get there? Then Cup of Friendship is for you. We have men and women in our congregation who live alone or just can’t get out much who appreciate a friendly visit. Since January we delivered  some cheer to folks in seven homes.  It was good to get caught up on the things that are going on in our lives when we don’t get a chance to see each other often.