Crisis and Caring Ministry

The Crisis and Caring Ministry gives short-term tangible support for those in the church family going through crises in their lives.  This ministry provides receptions for memorial services, furnishes meals and support for families going through difficulties and life changes, such as hospitalization, major illness, new babies.

Crisis and Caring Ministry also sends cards and plants to those in the hospital. For quick on-the-spot and emergency meals, there is food on hand in the church freezer.  We encourage the small groups of the church to care for their own members with additional help, if needed, from the rest of the church.  For those not in a small group, others in the church family provide assistance.  For individuals who have lost spouses or children, we send a series of books to help them deal with their grief.

The newest facet of this ministry is called Caring Hearts.  We have many people in our congregation who have ongoing medical problems, are single seniors, or are couples that are just getting up in years.  When we learn of a person who is hurt,  very ill, or has a major change in life, we pair these people with another church member who will touch base with them on a weekly basis and let the church know if they need assistance, a pastoral visit, or maybe just a card.

Looking for volunteers!

Crisis and Caring Ministry needs help in the following areas:

  • Individuals to provide food for families or for the freezer, and to provide food and help for memorial receptions.
  • Persons willing to chair memorial receptions.
  • Providing transportation.
  • Delivering meals to individuals in White Rock.
  • Participation in the Caring Hearts ministry.

If you have a heart to help in any the areas mentioned above, please contact the church at (505) 662-4879.