Bible in a Year Readings

You are encouraged to read through the Bible in 2022. Below you will find the daily readings for each month.  

January Bible Readings

February Bible Reading

March Bible Reading

April Bible Reading

May Bible Reading

June Bible Reading

July Bible Reading

August Bible Reading

September Bible Reading

October Bible Readings

November Bible Readings

December Bible Reading

Bible in a Year “Bible Study”

Are you doing the Read Your Bible in a Year challenge? Are you running into difficult reading that needs some clarification? Would you like to ask questions, in a group setting, about what you are reading?  We would like to create a way to help with this! We hope to create a group that can answer questions for each other and has pastoral support for those tough questions. If you are interested in a group like this, please contact Phillip Ortega at There is no need to be all caught up. You can even start fresh with a group around you to help encourage you to stay on track.