First UMC Community Food Pantry


Food Pantry Update:  Have you noticed the bear-proof box by the front door?  It’s our food pantry!  Anyone can pick up food any time night or day.  It is definitely being used.  LA county Social Services told us at least 5 people in our community live out of their vehicles, and it appears those people use the food pantry the most.  Foods most likely to be taken can be open and eaten immediately.  Examples include:

  • Pop-top canned meats: sardines, potted meat, vienna sausages
  • Granola bars and peanut butter or cheese crackers
  • Individual packets of trail mix, nuts, or dried fruit
  • Single serving size milk and water bottles
  • Small packages of bagels
  • Pop-top cans of fruit, or individual cups
  • Packages of tuna/chicken and crackers

Please note that during the summer months, the temperature does not allow for canned/packaged meat items to be placed in the food box. Please bring those items into the church for storage.

You can place your contributions directly in the food pantry, or into the cart in the foyer.  We sort the food from the cart for LA Cares and our food pantry. Questions?