Adult Bible Studies


Sunday Morning Adult Class Offerings
If you wish to join us on Sunday mornings you can contact the church office, for a link.


Bible History 
 9:00 a.m. on Zoom and Friendship Center (In person)

The Bible History Class is a discussion class in which we seek to determine the meaning and application of scripture for our daily lives. We look at the context in which the scripture was written for better understanding.  Our discussions are Biblically directed, and we use a variety of literature to lead us. We often study the history and culture surrounding a Biblical story in order to better understand its meaning for us. 

Current Study: Adam Hamilton’s book, Luke: Jesus and the Outsiders, Outcast, and Outlaws. Through Luke’s stories we find Jesus’ care and compassion for all as he welcomes sinners and outcasts. As we study Luke and see Jesus’s concern for those who were considered unimportant we hear a hopeful and inspiring word for our lives today.

The Bible History class meets at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning in Friendship Center. Books will be available Sunday morning. This is a hybrid class which is in-person and on Zoom. Questions call 505-662-6277 and speak to Julie or email,

Class leader: James Barefield                               Location: ZOOM and Friendship Center 


 Inquirers Class 
11:30 a.m. Sundays In-person / Zoom

This class is fragrance free. 

This  class studies everything from prayer topics to religious history. We choose our books after receiving recommendations from others, or if someone wants to explore a topic. We vote on the topic by the tried and true button method, the book receiving the most buttons goes to the number one spot for the next book to study.

All are welcome to join our group for a particular study, one Sunday, or to become part of our little ‘family’ of believers.  

Current Study: Toxic Charity: How the Church Hurts Those They Help and How to Reverse It

The Inquirers Sunday school class is studying the book Toxic Charity. Veteran urban activist Robert Lupton reveals the shockingly toxic effects that modern charity has upon the very people meant to benefit from it. Toxic Charity provides proven new models for charitable groups who want to help—not sabotage—those whom they desire to serve. The book shows us how to start serving needy and impoverished members of our communities in a way that will lead to lasting, real-world change.

The book is available at Amazon, Ebay, and at Mesa Public Library as a book, a Hoopla ebook and a Hoopla audio book. The Inquirers is a hybrid class, meeting both in person in the Teacher’s Lounge in the Education Wing and by Zoom. Contact Carol Mead, for a Zoom invite.


Class leader:  Bill & Carol Mead                            Location: ZOOM