Adult Bible Studies

Sunday Morning Adult Class Offerings

Bible History has been meeting via Zoom 9 a.m.

The Bible History Class is a discussion class in which we seek to determine the meaning and application of scripture for our daily lives. We look at the context in which the scripture was written for better understanding.  Our discussions are Biblically directed, and we use a variety of literature to lead us. We often study the history and culture surrounding a Biblical story in order to better understand its meaning for us. 

Our current book study is A Clash of Kingdoms – Paul Proclaims Jesus as Lord  by Ray Vander Laan. Books are available at the church contact the church office at 662-6277 or email We welcome to join in on the conversation Sunday morning as we meet via Zoom.
Contact church for link to join.

Class leader: James Barefield                               Location: ZOOM

 Inquirers Class has been meeting via Zoom
8:30 a.m. traditional Sundays/11:30 a.m. contemporary Sundays

This  class studies everything from prayer topics to religious history. We choose our books after receiving recommendations from others, or if someone wants to explore a topic. We vote on the topic by the tried and true button method, the book receiving the most buttons goes to the number one spot for the next book to study.

This class is a fragrance free room.  All are welcome to join our group for a particular study, one Sunday, or to become part of our little ‘family’ of believers.  

Our current study is The Parables Of Jesus, by William Bradley.  Books are available on both Kindle and paperback at Amazon. We welcome you to join in on the conversation Sunday via zoom. Contact the church for link to join.

Class leader:  Bill & Carol Mead                            Location: ZOOM

“Little Class”

Sunday afternoons

The “Little Class” uses the Bible as its study guide. This discussion class attempts to take Biblical truths as presented by a variety of Bible versions and interpretations and apply those truths to the situation we find ourselves in each day.

We find it interesting that the Bible fathers warned us of many of the things we encounter in the world around us…that their insight into human frailties was incredibly accurate. We are often amazed at the life experiences that are freely shared by the class members.

Class leader: Jim Little                                            Location: Zoom

Wednesday Night Class

Our study looks at scripture Pastor John will be preaching on each Sunday. We invited to join us as we explore the scriptures and prepare for Sunday morning.

 Class Leader: Rotation                                            Location: Currently not meeting