Leadership Board






Many United Methodist churches are going to a streamlined form of congregational governance which is more effective use of our time and resources today. Annual Conferences everywhere are encouraging this development as they see the advantages of lean, more strategic church leadership.

Our focus is to have efficient, accountable church leadership while getting more people involved in mission and ministry instead of committees.

Our leadership board leaders: 2023-2-28 – Leadership Covenant – 2.0

  • Don Casperson
  • Linda Collier, Chair Finances
  • Kim Granzow
  • Lynn Kluegel, Chair
  • Carol Mead
  • Nathan Morgan, Chair SPRC 
  • Julie Risch
  • Kathy Siebe, Secretary
  • Camille Wescott, Chair Trustees 
  • Staff Members: Pastor John, Valerie Collins, Paromeeta Nag, and Phillip Ortega.


Each month the leadership board meets on the 4th Tuesday 6-8pm to celebrate the ministry of the FUMC. All members of the church are encouraged to communicate with board members and are welcome to attend the meetings.  However, only members of the leadership board can vote.  Each month the ministry summary is sent out to the leadership board for review and discussion.   There are many things to celebrate in our life together and the leadership board wants you to be aware of those items. 

Leadership Board Minutes and Summaries