Frequently Asked Questions

What is the event?

        This is a fundraising event in honor of The Ark Child Development Center where we will be providing a four course meal, music, and a silent auction. The Ark does have a preschool and after school program. This event will benefit both programs.

Is this a “come and go” event?

          While you are free to leave at any time, we are asking that you stick around to eat a wonderful dinner, listen to some great music, bid on some fun items, and have an all-around fun time!

What is the time schedule?

          Doors will open at 5:45 pm to begin reviewing auction items, enjoy appetizers,  salad as well as engage with others in the community and enjoy entertainment.  The main course will be served buffet style from 6-7 pm so that you are able to enjoy the foods that fit your lifestyle.   After enjoying your meal, a variety of desserts will be brought by tables and you can again  view the auction items one final time before the bids are closed and winners announced.  The winners will be announced at 7:30 pm.

Is this event kid friendly?

        The concept is to view silent auction items and enjoy an adult meal with entertainment. We will not turn away families with children but please make sure your child is able to sit for more than an hour at a dinner table.  Our goal is for everyone to enjoy the evening.

Will childcare be provided?

          If your child is a student enrolled here at The Ark, please give us a call at (505)662-4822 and we can discuss childcare options.  Planning and commitment for varying ages of childcare might take our focus off a successful event to educate the community about the ARK program.   However, discussion of childcare at future annual events will certainly be considered.

What is the cost for the event?

     There is no set cost however, we do make suggested donations as this is a fundraising event. We are accepting donations for the four course meal & entertainment at the door.

What type of payment is accepted?

     We accept cash or check and new this year we will be able to accept credit cards.

Do I need to make reservations?

       No. Reservations are not required.

What will be served for dinner?

      Salad,  Beef Brisket, Red Beans & Rice, Gumbo, Jambalaya,  Rolls & variety of desserts.

Will there be a vegetarian and gluten free option?

     Salad, Rice & Red Beans are the options that are available.

Is this an alcohol included event?

      Since it is being held at the church, there will be no alcohol at the event.

What is the silent auction?

      There will be tables set up with the different silent auction prizes. Sheets will be provided where you place your bid for the particular item.   Some items will have minimum bids.  You may bid on as many items as you choose. Time before and after the dinner will be allowed to stroll “and shop”.

Do I have to pay for my auction item up front?

          Winners for the items (if present) will be able to provide a check or cash at the end of the event.     If winner is  not present at the end of the evening, they will be called and have 36 hours to pay for and pick up their prize. Otherwise, the item will go to the next highest bidder.

What type of items will be at the silent auction?

          We want to leave that as a surprise for now. Basically something of interest for everyone: children, couples, male or female.  

What are my donations going towards?

       The dollars raised from this event will not support the general budget of The Ark Preschool nor First United Methodist-Los Alamos. These dollars will be restricted to Focus Program expansion.

What is Focus Program?

      “Focus is a partnership between the NM Children, Youth & Families Department, NM Department of Health and NM Public Education Department. This program is designed to ensure that many more children from birth through age five have access to dramatically improve early learning program so that they enter school with the skills, knowledge and dispositions they need to be successful.”1  The Ark is committed to fostering program leadership, cultivating teacher quality, and supporting positive outcomes for ALL children (through 6th grade).  

Where can I find out more information on Focus Program?

          You may stop by The Ark office and speak to our director, Tamryn Clancy or call us at (505)662-4822. We will also be providing more information at the event.

Is there a theme?

      The theme of the event is Fat Tuesday around the World. As we all know, Los Alamos is a very diverse community. The Ark and First United Methodist – Los Alamos are supportive of all people and nationalities. Currently there are 15 children in the program here representing 7 countries.  While some nationalities may not be aware of the origin of FAT TUESDAY,  we find this a wonderful opportunity to celebrate life together.

Is there a dress code?

     While there is no dress code instated, we are asking that you come in spirit of the event. Wear green, gold, and/or purple to show your FAT TUESDAY  spirit!  Otherwise, come as you are, you are not required to wear “Sunday Best”  attire.  Wear clothing that you would for a nice evening out in the community.

Is this a religious event?

      While this event is held at the Methodist Church, there will be no religion instated in the event. However, there will be a blessing of the meal.

Is this event open to the public?

      Our fundraiser is open to anyone and everyone in the community! Your child does not have to be a student at The Ark for you, as an adult, to participate in the fun of this evening.

Do I have to attend the event in order to donate?

          Absolutely not! The Ark is open to accept donations at any time.


Footnotes: 1-NM Focus: Essential Elements of Quality Calendar