MYF in Service and Mission

Combined Youth Events with BELC

Beginning in April our youth group will join the Bethlehem Lutheran Youth Group!  They have a great variety of activities set up for the middle school and high school kids.  Pastor Nicole Ferry is the youth group leader.  Just enter the doors from the lower parking lot (2390 North Road) into the Fellowship Hall.


1st Sunday of the month: “Get Off the Hill”

Take a prepared meal to St. Elizabeth Shelter and Supportive Housing in Santa Fe.  They provide housing, programming, and 2-3 meals per day for homeless men.  The kids drop off the meal and then they go out to eat somewhere inexpensive.  You are responsible to pay for your meal.  Assistance is available if needed – just ask!  Meet in the Bethlehem Lutheran Fellowship Hall at 5.

2nd & 4th Sundays: Activities, service project, video, etc.

5 – Middle school students meet in the Bethlehem Lutheran Fellowship Hall

6- Middle and high school students have a meal

630 – High school students meet

3rd & 5th Sunday: Activities, service project, video, etc.

5 – Middle and high school students meet together in the Bethlehem Lutheran Fellowship Hall

6 – Middle and high school students have dinner together

Every Wednesday at 7 AM: Biblical burritos

The kids place a burrito order with Pastor Nicole Tuesday night.  She sends out a text Tuesday between 4 and 6.  Pastor Nicole picks up the burritos from Chili Works, and they meet in Ms. Robin Ladino’s classroom at the high school at 7.  Her classroom is the first left of the atrium.  They have a bible reading and discussion until school starts.  The kids pay $5 for the burrito.  She said the kids are welcome to drop in and try it out, there are always extra bacon, red chili and cheese burritos. ☺


In addition, the youth group will hold a burrito breakfast fundraiser in early May.  The date will be chosen as soon as volunteers are coordinated.  The fundraiser will be for scholarships for a summer mission trip and camp scholarships.


Plans are in process for a mission trip to McCurdy School in Espanola towards the end of the summer.  McCurdy  will be ready for work teams after June 30.  It will be a wonderful way to make an impact locally!