Kairos Cookies

Cookie Ministry

Next Event May 17-20, 2018   Location  Guadalupe County CF #20 (KI Men’s)

Cookie Deadline>  May 15 2018    deliver to FUMC Los Alamos

Thank you for offering to bake cookies for a Kairos weekend event.  Each team member has a goal of 27 dozen cookies which results in over 60,000 cookies.   Why so many cookies if there are only 30 weekend participants?   The cookies are shared with every inmate and staff member of the prison.  Each individual receives a zip-lock bag of a dozen cookies.   The guidelines for cookies is strict regarding not only ingredients but also size.   In this environment,  it is important that individuals receive the same size item so there is not an illusion of favoritism.  Please see the link to the cookie recipes below.

If you plan to precook the cookies before the weekend, please  place in quart size bag and freeze if cooked longer than 3 days before the event.  It is important that the cookies are not broken, again not to present a negative illusion.

Finally, and most importantly, the key ingredient should be prayer.  PRAY over the ingredients before and during mixing, as you drop the cookies on the baking sheet, and as you bag them.  Ask God to use your cookies as a source of His lover to shine on the prisoners and staff during Kairos weekend.

Kairos Kookie instructions

Kairos Kookie Recipes