About Missions & Outreach

The FUMC Missions and Outreach Committee supports the efforts of our church family in sharing Christ’s love in our community and throughout the world.  We organize activities to serve those in need.  We financially support ministry through gifts to charitable organizations, missionaries, and to help cover expenses for those in our church family who desire to participate in Christian service opportunities.  We lift up in prayer the concerns of those involved in and supported by our church. Our outreach activities include several local, state and national organizations as well as supporting 5 missionaries world wide.



Picture from Days for Girls website, https://www.daysforgirls.org/

June 2021 Mission News

In Third World countries where poverty is rampant, the best way to break that cycle of poverty is through education.  In those countries going to school is a privilege, not a right. Think about this scenario. Your family has scraped together enough money for you to be able to go to school. But what if you could go to school only 3 weeks out of four?  Think of what you would miss in that week.  This is the plight of girls in many countries. Girls must stay home during their menstrual periods because they have no way to mange them away from home.  Celeste Mergens discovered this problem while working in an orphanage in 2008 and decided there must be a solution. She developed reusable supplies, enabling the girls to go to school every day. And Days for Girls was born.  Groups of seamstresses all over the world stared sewing hose supplies, including ladies here in our church.  Sewing the pads and shields is a major time and effort act of love. Kits include pads, shields, soap, underwear, transport bags and a health education card. A sample kit is in the Narthex for you see. Today more than 2 million women and girls in 144 countries around the world have Days for Girls kits.  You can help this expand further through your monetary donations to the church marked Days for Girls.