McCurdy Ministries – Espanola, NM

McCurdy Ministries

Sharing the love of God through education and mission

Through Labels for Education, we have been able to support McCurdy Ministries and help them to earn minivans to transport students and other equipment for the school. An extension of this program is e-Labels for Education.

By using your Smith’s Fresh Values card, you can create an account that will earn 1 point each time you purchase a participating product. Go to  to create your account. The points will automatically be transferred to McCurdy.

When you get your groceries home, you can still cut off the labels for even more points. If you leave the Labels for Education and Boxtops for Education in the church office, we will deliver them to McCurdy on the 3rd Thursday of the month when we drive  down to McCurdy to  cut and count labels. We’d love to have you join us. We leave from the church parking lot at 9 o’clock.