firewiselogoNational Wildfire Community Preparedness Day   

 If you are interested, please contact Dennis Trumblee at 505-695-6876

It is always helpful to have projected attendance for planning.   

Plans are being made for a work party in conjunction with the Firewise & National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day.  With sufficient interest, this could be a monthly or quarterly event as there will be more homes over time.  There arehomes (elderly or disabled homeowners) that need work to reduce fire danger.  Projects may include weed whacking, tree de-limbing, and trash pickup around a few homes.    

  •  Clothing Requirements:  long pants,  long sleeved shirts, and sturdy shoes.
  • Gloves & hardhats will be provided.  HOWEVER if you have your own, please bring them.   


 Check out the link for literature on NATIONAL WILDFIRE COMMUNITY PREPAREDNESS DAY