2024 Lenten Challenge

Lenten Challenge: During the Ash Wednesday sermon, Pastor John issued a to grow more into being God’s Love in Action. Each week we will suggest a new way to meet this Lenten challenge. 

Week 1: Bring 5 items for the church food pantry. Here are some ideas of items you can bring:

  • Shelf-stable milk
  • Canned fruit, vegetables, beans, meat and soup with pop tops
  • Packaged meals, such as Macaroni and Cheese, Rice-a-roni, or Tuna Helper
  • Individually packaged snacks (granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, cheese and crackers…) 

Week 2: Sign up to volunteer for the Computer Assistance program at the public library!

Week 3: Do something nice for your next-door neighbor. Bring them a baked good, make them dinner, take up their garbage can, or anything you think would brighten their day.

Week 4: Do you know someone who needs encouragement? Maybe you know someone whose going through a difficult time, just started a new a job, or done something you think needs acknowledged. Our challenge this week is to write them a note and let them know your thinking of them.

Week 5: We have signed up with the County to “adopt “ a road. Our road is the Omega Bridge to North Road. We will try to clean up the road on March 23 and monthly or every other month (depending on weather, extent of trash, etc.). Join us Saturday, March 23, at 10 a.m. we will meet in the church parking lot.

The county will provide safety vests, gloves, and bags. Liability Release Forms must be completed and brought with you. LAC RELEASE OF LIABILITY