God’s Abundance Sermons

 Stewardship Emphasis

November 11  25th Sunday after Pentecost

            Scriptures: Eph. 3:14-21   God is able to do in us abundantly more than we can ask or imagine

Psalm 42         As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for God

*Mk 12:13-17, 41-44  Jesus teaches about faith and money

Thoughts:  How is that the people who worship the God of abundance have a scarcity world view.  Our God’s grace, love and mercy are not just abundant, they are infinite.  God does not work with limited resources.  Why do we think that God’s work is limited by our budgets, tithes and resources.  Let’s put our faith to work.  If we will just rely on God as the widow at the temple did, there will be more than enough to do the ministry of Christ through the Church and in the Community.  Do we have enough faith to be generous?


November 18  26th Sunday after Pentecost               Theme:  Thanks to the God of Abundance


Psalm 126       Those who sow in tears shall come home with shouts of joy

Joel 2:21-27    You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied

Matt. 6:25-33  Look to the flowers of the field and the birds of the air

Thoughts:  Today we celebrate the abundance of God.  We will make commitments of generosity based on the abundance of God’s abundance toward us.  It is a time to say thank you to God who provides for us all things for sustenance both spiritually and physically.  We will thank God also for the financial abundance to carry out our calling to serve the Lord and serve the community.


November 25  Christ the King Sunday, UM Student Day special offering

Scriptures:   Rev. 1:4-8    &   John 18:33-37             Theme: Jesus Rules

 Thoughts:  I have a hat that says on the front, “Old Guys Rule!”  It’s a joke, ha ha.  Who really rules?  Old guys in the Oval Office and the Halls of Congress?  Old Guys in palaces and parliaments around the world?  Wall Street?  Or God?  Who or what influences the most your daily decisions?  Does money, influence, others, or conventional wisdom?  Or does Christ?  The answers to these questions determine whether Christ is the King/Ruler of your life.  Who Rules?