Season of Pentecost 2018

May 20            Day of Pentecost       Theme:            The Power of the Spirit

Scriptures:  Acts 2:1-21    Psalm 104:24-34    Romans 8: 22-27

Thoughts:       The Holy Spirit has always seemed to be a mystery, and really should not be.  The Holy Spirit by our own theology is not a mystery but the very presence and power of God/Christ in real time in the people of God, the followers of Christ.  From the creation when God blew into the nostrils of a clay statue God’s own Spirit, to the appearance of the risen Christ in the upper room and blew the Spirit into the disciples, to Pentecost where the Spirit blew onto the scene to empower the Church, God’s Spirit has transformed and empowered all who are touched by the Spirit.  Pentecost is our story.  We, the Church, are created by the Spirit at Pentecost.  Everything we do as the Church is empowered by, driven by, and gifted by the Spirit.  When we worship we are inspired by the Spirit.  When we pray, we are helped by the Spirit.  When we learn about God and Christ, we are taught by the Spirit.  When we serve, we are called by the Spirit.  Confusing? Naw.


May 27            1st Sunday after Pentecost;  Trinity Sunday             Theme:    The Trinity

Scriptures: Romans 8:22-27    Psalm 29    John 3:1-17

Thoughts:       Let’s get real about this 3 in 1 stuff.  You think the Holy Spirit is a bit confusing at times?  Try taking on the concept of Trinity.  Trinity is more than a main street in Los Alamos, NM.  Most of the non-Christian world thinks we are ridiculous when we claim monotheism and proclaim One God in Three Persons.  Here is the easy explanation, God is God Creator of all things, eternal, all powerful and all knowing.  Jesus the Christ is God revealed, the redeemer of all humanity who would believe in him, the way God chose to get personal with us and save us from ourselves (sin).  The Holy Spirit – see May 20.


June 3             2nd Sunday after Pentecost; Communion      Theme:            Freedom & the Law

Scriptures: 2 Cor. 4:5-12  Mark 2:23-3:6

Thoughts:      Jesus did not come to destroy the Law but to set us free to follow the Law of Love.  In these stories Jesus confronts the Sabbath Laws about work.  Is plucking grain when people are hungry against the Law.  Is healing someone in distress on the Sabbath against the Law.  Jesus has a different take than the religious experts of the day.  Jesus says that the Law was made for people not people for the Law.  We will examine whether there are ways that our religious practices stand in the way of loving others.


June 10     3rd Sunday After Pentecost

Scriptures:  Mark 3:20-35  &  2 Cor. 4:13-5:1             Theme: Don’t Confuse God with the Church

Thoughts: These two Scriptures are rich with meaning and interest for the Church right now.  We are currently embroiled in controversy over which ‘sin’ eliminates one from full participation in the rights and ministry of the Church.  Schism is the possible result.  Christ is not divided (1 Corinthians 1:10-13); we are.  Division is ruin, only one sin is eternal, anyone who follows Christ is his brother or sister, and this life and its inconsistencies are temporary.  God knows what to do with us.  The Church is human and often confused.  We must not see the Church as God.  God will work it out.


June 17            The 4th Sunday after Pentecost, Father’s Day

Scriptures:  *Mark 4:21-34  & 2 Cor. 5:6-17               Theme: The Mystery of the Kingdom of God

Thoughts: In order to solve a mystery you have to think creatively.  Jesus is not speaking in parables to hide the Kingdom but to reveal it creatively.  The Kingdom of God is beyond our comprehension, therefore, Jesus uses many parables to reveal its many facets.  The Kingdom grows without our input; we just plant the seed and wait.  The Kingdom is something small until it grows to protect all who come under its canopy.  And in the Kingdom we are a new creation in Christ.  The Kingdom is more than we can imagine.  What a glorious mystery.


June 24            The 5th Sunday after Pentecost

Scriptures:  *Mark 4:35-41 &  2 Cor. 6:1-13               Theme: It Is Well With My Soul

Thoughts: At the end of the story Jesus says, “Have you still no faith?”  The disciples do not know what power they have at their disposal in Jesus.  The same is true for today’s disciples.  We have no idea of the power at our disposal.  Storms happen, life happens, and we get so worked up and worried about the swirl of the storm.  We cry, “Lord, don’t you care that we are perishing?” In the arms of Jesus, we have peace in the midst of the storm.  Where is our faith?

July 01  The 6th Sunday of Pentecost; Communion

Scriptures: Mark 5:21-43    Guest Preacher> Rev. Randall Partin    Theme> A Tale of Two Daughters


July 8th:  7th Sunday of Pentecost     Guest Speaker > Lisa Jo Bezner

Scripture: Mark 6:1-13    Theme: The Journey