Holy Week & Easter Season 2017 –

April 9             Palm/Passion Sunday

Scriptures:  Matt. 21:1-11  &  Matt. 26:14-27:66    Theme: The Most Kingly Thing

Choir Performance>  Into the Woods My Master Went 

Thoughts: The Palm and Passion narratives are arguably the most dramatic story in history.  Some may think it tragic, full of triumph, treachery, and terror.  As Christians, we weep along with the disciples at the foot of the cross, but we know how the story ends.  We understand that the most kingly thing that Jesus did was lay down his life for the people he came to save: all of us.  God With Us – Emmanuel – came, lived, died, and rose again to take his rightful place as King of the universe.  We will begin the service in Joy with color and light.  We will end it in sadness with darkness, silence and blackness.  We will return next week knowing that live is the result of his sacrifice for our sake.

April 13           Holy/Maundy Thursday     No Recording-  7pm FUMC

Scriptures:  1 Corinthians 11:23-26  & John 13:1-17, 31-35   Theme: A Service of Remembrance and Sacrament

Thoughts: This will be a simple and solemn service of remembrance and sacrament.  We will take communion after reading Scripture, loving one another, and ‘washing one another’s feet.’

April 14          Good Friday                   Ecumenical  Service TOTH Noon-3pm

FUMC participates in the community service at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal.

April 16           Easter Day

Scriptures:   John 20:1-18   & Matt. 28:1-10            Theme: He Is Risen, Do You Get It?


Thoughts: The Resurrection is the rest of the Passion Story, but it is not the end of the story.  For many “Christians” the birth and resurrection stories are about all they hear in the Church.  Their understanding of a relation with Christ is devoid of the life death and teachings of our Savior.  The resurrection is far more than the happy ending to an otherwise tragic story.  It is the foundation of our faith.  We do not worship a dead hero.  We worship a living Christ who lives in us, and through us.  Our lives depend upon him; and not just for eternity but in the here and now.  We celebrate this day because resurrection means we can celebrate every day!


April 23           2nd Sunday of Easter

Scriptures:  John 20:19-31  &  1 Peter 1:3-9                Theme: Witnesses to a Living God

Acappello Choir >

Thoughts: We live in a cynical world.  Even when we see it with our own eyes on video we know we can be deceived.  “Put your finger here and see my hands…Reach out your hand and put it in my side.”  This is an eye and hand witness.  In our lives we, have experienced a living Christ.  Tangible changes and experiences have made Christ real to us.  This is our witness.  We do not have to convince anyone of the rational truth of our faith – that is for the teachings of the Church in another context.  Right now it is enough that we have not seen with our eyes or touched with our hands but experienced with our senses his presence and we have believed.


April 30           3rd Sunday of Easter   5th Sunday One Worship at 10:30 Confirmation Celebration

This Service is centered around the Baptism/Confirmation ritual as 6 youth have written their own version of Confirmation Creed to share. After service we will assemble two mini service projects as a church family and enjoy potluck.   Our service project will be 4 Corners Thrift Store Ministry (see details under Fifth Sunday-ONE Worship) and Aaron’s Lunch packing.

THEME> A Lifetime of Grace     SCRIPTURE> Ephesians 4: 1-6, 14-16



God Is…

…Our heavenly Father and the Father of Jesus

…The Trinity

…The Creator of the universe and the multiverse and the God of the Jewish and Christian Faiths

…Awesome> awe-mnisient, awe-mnipresent, and awe-mnipotent

…Really, really big, nice and superior to humans

…Someone who cares about all humans and loves us no matter what.

Jesus Is…

…The Word, the Son and the Spirit of God

…The Trinity, the Christ, the Messiah

…A nice guy who saves us from our sin.

The Holy Spirit Is…

…The third part of the Trinity

…God and Jesus in Spirit form

…Nice to lead us to love us and lead us to God.

The Church Is…

…Not the Trinity, But the people who worship God

…Believers who are the home of worship

…A place to share beliefs and worship with others

…People who grow up to be and act like Jesus.