May 7              4th Sunday of Easter               Communion

“Rev. Diana Loomis,  Director of Development and Church Relations at McCurdy Ministries  deeply appreciate all the UMC  support  with their prayers, their presence, their gifts, their service and their witness to the difference McCurdy makes in God’s name!  The primary responsibility of McCurdy’s Office of Church Relations is to interpret the work of our mission to United Methodist churches, organizations and individuals. 

McCurdy Ministries is thriving and striving to make an important difference in the Española Valley.  We work in partnership with McCurdy Charter School (MCS) which is located on our campus.  Our ministries include MCurdy Preschool, Project Cariño (mental health counseling program for MCS students and families), After School Care, Camp Stars (summer camp that combines the best of VBS with STEM education) and our Volunteer Program which welcomes volunteers to our campus from around the country.” (Curiosity of )

Sermon> “Using Holy Imagination to Make God’s Difference”  Scripture>Genesis 1-2:3

We are challenged to find creative, imaginative ways to live out God’s resurrection love.

link to our support of McCurdy & video clip

May 14            5th Sunday of Easter               Mother’s Day

Scriptures:  1 Peter 2:2-10                       Theme: Grow Into Salvation

Thoughts: The author of 1 Peter brings to the Biblical narrative a familiar theme in the Wesleyan tradition.  Salvation is a journey of growth to maturity.  We start the journey as “newborn infants” in need of spiritual milk, and we continually grow in salvation throughout our spiritual lives.  From the individual Christian, Peter moves quickly to the building up of the community of Christ into a spiritual house, a chosen people who are a powerful presence of Christ in the world.


May 21            6th Sunday of Easter

Scriptures:  1 Peter 3:13-18                     Theme: God does not save us from suffering.

Thoughts: In fact we could suffer because of our devotion to Christ.  What God promises is His presence with us though whatever comes.  From today’s Psalm to 1 Peter to the Gospel God has promised His presence.  Jesus promises the Holy Spirit will come to assure us we are not orphaned.  Peter promises the presence of Christ when we suffer if that suffering is because of doing good.  The Psalm promises God will bring us through fire and water to a spacious place and God will hear our prayer and bless us with steadfast love.


May 28           7th Sunday of Easter

Scriptures:  Acts 1:6-14               Theme: Witnesses Not Judges

Thoughts: 1 Peter was written to a Church under heavy persecution.  Peter assures the Church that the God of grace will be with them and strengthen them for the struggles ahead.  Anyone who has suffered and come through it feeling the presence of God in the midst, can witness to the grace of God who got them through fire and waters of suffering.  Christ has called us to be witnesses to the goodness of God, the saving grace of Christ, the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit.  We are not to be judges of the world; that is God’s job (and God is love not judgement anyway).  Our work is the work of bearing witness to the amazing grace, love and forgiveness of a loving God.

June 4              The Day of Pentecost             Communion

Scriptures:  Acts 2:1-21   &  1 Cor. 12:3-13             Theme: The Power of the Body

Thoughts: Pentecost is an important Holy-day of the Church, and we need to rejoice that the world has not commercialized it.  It is the day of display – when God displays the power of God’s Spirit to unify, sanctify and glorify the Church for its ministry in the world.  Paul tells the Corinthian Church that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for the unity and empowerment of the Church for ministry and not for personal aggrandizement or prestige.  We are the Church of right now, and the Holy Spirit is continuing to empower, unify and glorify us for the work of Christ in our community and world.

June 11            1st Sunday after Pentecost

Scriptures:  Psalm 8    & Genesis 1:1-2:3                  Theme:  In the Beginning God…

Thoughts:  Science is only beginning to discover the infinite reach of the universe.  It seems to be timeless, unreachable, and unfathomable.  It seems to continue to growing.  Does this somehow diminish God?  Or, does it prove that God’s character as Creator continues into the ages?  Christians prefer to believe the later.  God is, was and ever shall be.  God is the beginning and will be the consummation of all things.  God is the a priori of all things.  We will celebrate creation today.  We will breathe in God’s Spirit as we breathe deeply the air God has given us as a Gift.  We will also be reminded of our responsibility to God’s gift of creation and the gift of one another.


June 18 &  25            2nd and 3rd Sundays of Pentecost

Pastor Steve will be on vacation these two Sundays.  Linda Bequette will preach on Father’s Day.  Lay witnesses will give words of service on June 25.