Sr & Mid High Discipleship Class

The Mid and Sr. High youth meet in room 118 where they experience an interactive, discussion based learning time exploring how their faith relates to their lives as students and growth into adults.  Taught by Debbie Trimmer, this group explores the Bible in a collaborative effort on a flexible timeline, so we can delve into the Word to whatever extent called for by the depth of our discussions.

So far this school year we have participated in the church-wide “One” study selected by the Intentional Faith Development team; completed a study of the timeline of the Old Testament in order to give us greater clarification of the relationship of the events of that pre-Christian era; and we studied the Book of Revelation, as requested by one of our students.

Currently we are studying the Book of Proverbs, and discussing how it relates to our lives. All are encouraged to share questions, thoughts, and insights they have about the chapters studied each week.

During the season of Lent, we are also taking time at the beginning of the hour to review readings in the booklet “Paid in Full”, which was given to each student at the beginning of the season.   These readings help us to keep our focus on the meaning of this season.