Classes for PreK – 6th grades help children see, hear and live their belief in God and Jesus Christ

We believe there is strength in families worshiping together, so children are welcome to join their parents for worship. Normally, at each Sunday service the children are invited to go forward to listen to a children’s sermon that applies biblical instruction and spiritual truths in a way meaningful and relevant to children’s lives.  Often times, the children’s sermons are interactive, engaging children’s imagination. 

Currently we are worshiping online we invite families to worship together in their homes. Each week we provide Children’s Bulletins that cover the scriptures lessons applying to Pastor John’s message.  You can click on the links below and print out for your child.  

October 17 Children’s Bulletin 7+

October 17 Children’s Bulletin 3+

Pre-school Sunday school children starting at age 2, our teacher provides lessons that they are able to do with their parents. 

Elementary Students K-6 grade, we are providing easy lesson material that children can work on with their families.  These lessons are sent through the mail. 

If you wish to receive these resources you can call the church office, 662-6277 to get on the mailing list.