Fifth Sunday – ONE Worship



SS for all: 9:15am

ONE (Joint) Worship:  10:30 am

 Potluck:   TBA

Service Project:  click here for details 

ALL welcome!!

While  the service times  continue the same, the title of worship for 5th Sunday opportunities will be ONE WORSHIP.  This is to reflect the  true meaning of this service as an opportunity for our two worship groups to come together in worship as ONE body.  We hope that you will take the opportunity to experience a slightly different worship service  where everyone can celebrate together.

A new component of our 5th Sunday Worship is “Mini-Service Projects”.    This is a great opportunity to invite others to “join me in a quick service project and lunch”.   The impact of experiencing service projects side by side, connecting the young and old, members and visitors, as “one BIG family of God” is memorable.

This is an effort to connect with the community (especially those who might not currently have interest in worship). We are reaching out.  The option to come for the service project without worship is open to visitors. Sometimes the relationship is built before a faith based commitment happens.  Jesus was the perfect example building those relationships.


Potluck theme> TBD