Choir Music

  Upcoming Music is listed below.  If you miss a rehearsal and need to acquire any music, all of this sheet music can be found in the choir room vertical file (next to the table where you pick up your music).

January 12 – Sing the Over Again To Me – Suzy and Joe taking the solo/duet Also  Glory to God as the Introit.

January 19 – Praise You, I Will Praise You – 

January 26 – One Holy Church – no recording.

Feb 2 – TBD

Feb 9 – Praise Him! – (fully orchestrated version. 

Feb 16 – We Are the Servants of the Lord – no recording.

Need info on the music for a particular Sunday contact:



 Bless you!  Please keep it up.     We hold you in high esteem!

thank_8392cThank you, choir members. Your faithfulness is astounding. The weeknight of choir rehearsal, the Sunday morning run-throughs, the worship service Sunday after Sunday, over and over and over again. And I know you don’t only sing for your anthem, but you also lend your full voice and heart to every note of every part of the liturgy and hymns.

Thank you, organists. You are amazing. It’s hard to comprehend how many hours you have spent in your lifetime practicing, practicing, and practicing.  Organists play their instrument with both hands and feet, all four working together in splendid coordination for the outflow of melody and harmony that brings our convictions of faith even deeper into our hearts and lives.

(excerpt from  “Thank you, church musicians” Tue, 12/10/2013 – 12:26pm Justin Kollmeyer; The