One Board Governance – Our Church Council

 The Discipline of the United Methodist Church 2012 (the rule book of the church) describes the purpose of the Church Council on page 178:

The Church Council shall provide for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness and resources in the local church. It shall also provide for the administration of its organization and temporal life.  It shall envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the mission and ministry of the church.  The Church Council shall be amenable to and function as the administrative agency of the charge conference.

January 2017, FUMC moved toward a ONE BOARD GOVERNANCE which has been approved by the United Methodist Church allowing individuals more time for ministry opportunities and less time in “structured meetings”. ONE BOARD meetings are on the 4th Tuesday of every month from 6-8pm.  Members are invited to attend any meeting expect SPRC related meetings.  During every meeting we hear about how Disciples are being made in and through our Church’s ministries, and from every ministry team and administrative group in the church.

If you have a desire to be involved any ministry area:

Trustee, Caring, Sending, Growing, or Worship

please contact the assigned representative or call/email the church office for more info.

Romans 12:6 (NABRE)

Since we have gifts that differ

according to the grace given to us,

let us exercise them

 Lay Leadership 2020 – June 2021

Chair of the Board                                     Lynn Kluegel

Rep. to Ann. Conf.                 TBD

Lay Leader        Camille Wescott & James Barefield

           Ministry Teams Representatives

Connect Ministries                                     Camille Wescott

Care Ministries                                            Carol Mead

Grow Ministries                                          vacant

Send Ministries                                           Ann LePage

Finance Team

Finance Chair                                               Tommy Morris

Finance Secretary                                       Vicky Ricketts

Treasurer                                                      Kim Granzow

Trustees Team

Trustee 2020            Don Siebe

Trustee 2021        Landry Milnes (Chair)          John Courtright

Trustee 2022                         Joe Richardson   Joe Reynolds

Staff Parish Relations Team

SPRC 2020                                                 Linda Collier

SPRC 2021                                      Geniece Courtright

SPRC 2022                                      Nathaniel Morgan

Staff  (non-voting members)

Pastor                                                                   Rev. John Nash

 Secretary                                                          Marianna Shoberg

Intentional Faith Development Dir                   Lisa Jo Bezner

Music Director                                                      Valerie Collins

ARK Director                                                        Tamryn Clancy

Office Administrator                                                  Julie Risch


Lay Leadership Selection Committee                Endowment Fund Committee

2020    Dennis Gill, Linda Leschnitzer                      2020    Don Casperson;   Dan Gabel (chair)

2021     Crystal Dale,  Mathaniel Morgan                         2021    Peggy Goldman, Kim Granzow

2022     Tommy Morris,  Don Enemark                      2022  Mada Jones