2019 Ministry Budget

Each year a process is completed regarding ministry budgets.  Each Committee is offered opportunities to make budget request changes.  The request are submitted to the Finance Chair and reviewed by the Finance Committee .  The finance committee prayerful considers the request in relation to the expected giving of the congregation.  Your pledge to support FUMC greatly assist us in this planning process.   Once the finance committee completes the task, the budget is past on to the Church Council for approval.

The budget is divided into our 5 focus areas for specific expenses.  However, the administration and facility  supports each and every one are critical to implementing ministry.

Our Ministry of Connecting – Inspiring the Hope

Our Ministry of Growth – Preparing the Future

Our Ministry of Care – Embracing the Community

Our Ministry of Sending – Doing the Work

Our Ministry of Admin & Facilities – Supporting the Ministries

CARING MINISTRY   using our time, talents, and spiritual gifts, the body of Christ is nurtured. Bearing one another’s burdens into midst of illness, loneliness, grief or tragedy, the church family is strengthened.  While caring for one another, we realize how incomplete we are without each other and our love for others grows.  Our many fellowship opportunities allow us to care for one another as well.

CONNECTING MINSTRY seeking to honor & glorify God in every aspect of our lives including our personal & corporate gathering for worship as well as opportunities for evangelism. Music & Worship provides inspiring worship (traditional, contemporary, and reflective) by giving people of all ages opportunities to express faith, explore their God-gifted talents and offer those gifts back to God.

GROWING MINISTRY nurturing the lifelong journey of discipleship: Children, Youth, Young Families, & Adult Ministries strategically working together to create a pathway for people of all ages to nurture personal faith and growth towards maturity in Christ, from birth through adulthood.

SENDING MINISTRY whether down the street or across the ocean, extending the hope and love of Christ to a world in need by offering our resources, presence and service to the glory of God and for human fulfillment.  Five missionaries are supported through this budget as well as our local outreach.  Additionally, the church family takes up special offerings and assists in other projects as a result of world crisis.

SUPPORT MINISTRY providing our church family and staff with the support necessary to carry out the mission of FUMC through technology, space, amenities, facility and administrative cost.  While this area of ministry is 43% of the budget, half of the expenses in this area are associated with Debt Retirement, Property Improvements, General Liability & Worker Comp Insurance. A portion of the Support Ministry is shared with the ARK (reimbursed to the church on monthly bases).

In appreciated for your support of our ministry within the church, in the local community and to the greater mission world,  the budget summary is provided below.  Please note that our full staffing budget is 57%; most churches our size and larger have staffing cost 60-75%.   The support staff is critical to various ministry areas and portions of the salaries are disbursed based on ministry involvement. Additionally, approximately 10% of our budget supports the greater United Methodist Church through the New Mexico conference apportionment.  At any time that you have questions regarding the budget, please contact the chair of Finance, Tommy Morris or One Board Chair, Lynn Kluegel as well as Pastor Steve.

 SUMMARY    FUMC 2019 Budget

CARING                            $19,667

CONNECTING                $117,975

GROWING                       $60,840

SENDING                         $73619

SUPPORT                       $205,537

       Total Budget                  $ 477,638